In 1920, Ignazio Barberis, Franco’s grandfather, current owner of Barberis Salumi, began producing salami and sausages in his renowned salumeria in Villafranca Piedmont, on the banks of the Po a few kilometers from Turin. The business success resided, then as now, a careful selection of raw materials (meat choices of pure pork, natural casings, spices aromatic mixed according to familiar formula) and meticulous care in processing and seasoning. The last two steps are necessary for having a very high quality of cold cuts. The real architect of the transformation of the old delicatessen in workshop, and the expansion of the distribution of the products was the Franco’s father. Gino Barberis famous for his ability like craftman and trader, after years of intense and passionate work with his wife Lucetta, becomes a wholesale manufacturer in the 1960. The reputation of the quality of salami and sausages initialed by Gino Barberis starts to be known outside the small area of Villafranca Piemonte. With the early death of Gino Barberis, the business passes to Franco who, assisted by his wife Elizabetta, had the merit of combining tradition with modern industrial techniques, while maintaining the craftsmanship that has always been the key of the success of its salami. To meet the demands of the market, in 2002 the company moved to its current location, more large and functional than the previous. In 2006, Barberis Salumi obtained by the Piedmont Region Recognition of Excellence in Craftsmanship. In the same time the new generation starts to lead the business. Henrico, son of Franco and Elizabetta, assisted by his wife Micaela, now has the task to carry on the work begun almost a century ago by the great-grandfather Ignazio. They took the challenge to answer at the demand of the market, of course with the same passion and the same determination of those who preceded them.